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attendance summary for families

Dear Families and Students,

As a College we have revised our Attendance Policy and procedures and have developed processes to support each family to assist their child/ren where possible 100% attendance.

The following document Attendance Process for Families, provides an outline of what we are implementing to account for student attendance at the College. 

Families are encouraged to read to summary and contact us to discuss any issues or concerns. We welcome your feedback as the implementation of this process progresses throughout the year. 

Significant differences we would like to draw to your attention to, includes;
  1. Explained Approved Absences - these are absences where the explanation is reasonable
  2. Explained Unapproved Absences - these are absences where the school has determined the explanation is not reasonable 
  3. Unexplained Absences - these are absences where no reasons have been provided
The College wishes to ensure that all parents have a clear understanding of how they can meet their obligations under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. Click on the link to understand how the new attendance processes will support your child/ren and families - Attendance Process For Families
  • Families are required to explain absences before or on the day of a student’s absence
  • If a child is absent without communication to the school, a follow up SMS will be sent on the day of absence. Text messages are sent daily at 10.00am & 3.00pm
  • Daily SMS are sent home and an unexplained absence will initiate a Pink Slip given to the student for families to provide a valid reason for absence

Families have 5 days in which to return the Pink Slip to Explain the Absence


Supporting students at risk to attend school

We would like our families to feel supported through this process, and as such the letters and reminders are designed for you to gain a full understanding of the circumstances behind absenteeism. This provides the basis for the College and families to work together to improve student attendance.

Regardless of the type of absence (Approved or Unapproved) when a student’s attendance rate reaches less than 90% the student is considered at risk. At this point the College will introduce interventions that will include a Student Engagement and Attendance Profile and/or a Student Support Group meeting with parent/guardian to develop an Individual Learning Plan and support from the College Allied Health Team.

If you have any questions about the processes and the Attendance Policy, please contact the College on 9308 1144 or email via the Compass Parent Portal.

Every Day Counts when it comes to getting the best Educational Outcomes for your child/ren.

Yours sincerely,
Kate Morphy
College Principal




Craigieburn Secondary College is a school with a rich history of diversity and acceptance. We have over 25 years' experience in educating and supporting our students to be happy and successful.

We are small enough to care for and pay close attention to the individual, yet big enough to offer a diverse range of pathways, programs and facilities. 

Our teachers and staff are energetic and talented. They work closely together to support students to be their best. 

We have recently upgraded many of our facilities and student programs, and are seeing real improvements in student dedication, commitment and performance results from Year 7 through to VCE. More of our students are progressing to higher education, TAFE and employment than ever before. 

We have developed a unique new learning program that encourages self-reflection and personal development from a young age. We guide students from Year 7 onwards in personal and academic goal setting, and how to track and assess their own academic strengths, improvements and areas of weakness. 

We have specifically designed our programs to help build a sense of awareness and acceptance within each student of their unique personality, learning style, family history and culture. 

We have a strong code of conduct, and we do not tolerate bullying or harassment. 

Throughout school life, students are encouraged to think hard about what they would like to see in their future, and to understand the steps they need to take to get there. We're here to support them through that process.

Kate Morphy
College Principal


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