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It is a legal requirement that all students attend school until 17 years of age. College policy is that students attend all classes. Each morning during Form Assembly rolls are marked by the Form Teacher. In all classes teachers mark an attendance roll. Contact is made with the family of any student who does not attend school or misses classes without approval. It is College policy to involve the family in maintaining consistent effort and attendance.

Please telephone the College before 9.00am to report an absence for your child. 

(03) 8339 4224

Absence Line:  

  • All enrolled students are required to attend school unless reasonable and valid grounds exist for them to be absent.
  • Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their children attend school regularly, and are only absent if ill or if absolutely necessary.  Parents have a further responsibility to provide a written note to the school explaining why an absence has occurred.
  • Parents of students who are to be absent are required to telephone the school before 9.00am to report the absence.  The absence is then to be confirmed in writing by a note from parents.
  • Independent students not living with parents or guardians are also required to provide notes.

Absence Notes
Parents/guardians are advised that a note is required explaining all absences from school.
This is a legal requirement and we seek your assistance in this matter. If a student is to be absent from school for a prolonged period (e.g. three or more days) parents are requested to telephone the College. The school can provide work if this is appropriate.

Medical Certificate
At Craigieburn Secondary College we acknowledge that students get the best out of their educational opportunities by being at school. Students that are in the classroom, receiving face-to-face tuition are able to gain a better understanding of the curriculum.
Therefore, students must attend 100% of school days or have a valid reason for non-attendance, such as illness. This allows students only five days absence per semester, without a valid note/ medical certificate. If they exceed five days they may risk failing their subjects for the semester and may not be promoted to the next year level.
Other reasons for absences such as participation in sports, camps or other school based activities will not be counted as part of the five days. Extenuating circumstances e.g. prolonged illness or family problems will be dealt with on an individual basis in conjunction with relevant coordinator.

Lateness, like any absence, should be explained in a note. Students arriving late should go to the Executive Officer  of their sub school to enter details in the “Late Book”.
It is important that students take this step, otherwise a work sessions may be issued.

Leaving Early
If Parents/Guardians need their child to leave school early, the student is required to take a note to the Executive Officer of their sub school on the day concerned where an “Early Leave Pass” will be issued.

Student Extended Absence Plan
Students and parents need to apply to the College for approval for an extended absence from the school.
Parents will need to explain the reason for the extended absence and the relevant Sub School Principal needs to give approval. Students are then required to complete a work plan for the absence. Applications need to be made well in advance of the planned extended absence.

Download the Extended Absence Application form here

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