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Craigieburn Secondary College camp programs incorporate a range of adventure options which encourage students to move beyond their comfort zone and experience the rewards of achievement. Through challenge, at a personal and team level, students experience enhanced self-esteem and confidence, improved communication skills and a greater sense of community with peers and teachers.

Year 7 Transition Camp
The Year 7 Transition Camp enables students to build relationships with their peers and teachers which are key factors to school connectednessStudents engage in various activities that develop a sense of self as well as highlighting their community responsibilities as a student learner at Craigieburn Secondary College.

Year 9 and 10 Outdoor Education Camps
Students study a range of skills relating to safety and survival in different outdoor settings.Environmental issues will also be addressed and the skills and theory learnt in the classroom will be applied to an outdoor setting, in a range of activities. These may include Bushwalking; Rock climbing, Orienteering and Mountain Bike Riding. Students will be required to participate in all two or three day trips.

VCE Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education examines the ways in which humans understand and relate to nature in the context of outdoor environments. These units focus on the relationships and human nature, different understandings of nature and the various types of outdoor environments.Through practical experiences the student will gain an insight into a variety of responses to, and relationships with, nature. It focuses on the understanding of natural environments and human impacts on natural environments.

Year 10 Queensland Camp
As part of the College’s commitment to offering a varied curriculum, a Year 10 Queensland Camp to the Gold Coast is organised each year in Term 4.  This program includes a number of activities through which students learn to be independent and adapt within a social environment.  It is offered to students of Year 10 only and will run after the exam period.  This program offers students the opportunity to build closer relationships with their peers and staff leading into VCE.  It has been running for fourteen years now and has been a very successful part of the Year 10 program.

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