The College has developed a Select Entry Enrichment and Accelerated Program that offers places to a limited number of very capable and committed students who are able to meet the academic rigours set by the program. Student will be accelerated through their coursework at a faster pace, providing them with a challenging learning environment. The enrichment component of the program encourages the study of more complex and abstract concepts, with a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills.

Selection Tests for the Program will be held on Thursday 21st June 2018 commencing 9.15am to 11.45am.  Please click here for more information or contact CEAP Coordinator Mr Christian Inturresi at the College on 9308 1144.

 Students undertaking CEAP at Years 7, 8 & 9 will be undertaking studies under the Victorian Curriculum Framework (F to 10), completing them with a strong extension and enrichment component. 

At the end of Year 9, a decision on an appropriate pathway for each student will be reached.

Year 10 - students will undertake a mixture of Victorian Curriculum and extension work and Year 11 (VCE) Unit 1 and 2 studies.

Year 11 - students will undertake Unit 1 & 2 studies along with Year 12 (VCE) Unit 3 & 4 studies.

Year 12 – students will have the opportunity to undertake a combination of Unit 3 and 4 studies

For each Year 7 intake, one form group (of no more than 25 students) will make up the CEAP group and will remain in that group up until the end of Year 9 (provided they meet the requirements of the program as set by the College). During this time, students will be in the care of a form teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Learning Partner and the CEAP Coordinator.


Expectations of Students

Students will be expected to make a genuine commitment to CEAP. They will be required to work hard, both in and out of class, try their best at all times, actively seek assistance if they are experiencing difficulties and demonstrate cooperation and respect towards teachers and fellow students.

It is important that there is effective two-way communication between the school and home and we encourage parents/guardians to contact the College if they feel any particular difficulties or issues are emerging for their son/daughter.


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