Our curriculum at Years 7 - 10 is based on providing access for all students to the core disciplines of the AusVELS including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, The Arts and Languages as well as the Domains of Physical and Social Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning.

Students in Years 7 and 8 study abroad curriculum of core subjects across all Domains. In Years 9 and 10 students study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Health and Physical Education as core subjects, but, in addition, choose from a wide variety of electives from Arts, Technology, L.O.T.E. and also from Health and Physical Education.

Our comprehensive curriculum documentation enables all staff to see at a glance the curriculum that is taught in all areas from Years 7 to 12. Scope and Sequences provide an outline of the individual units of work within each subject. These are accompanied by a more detailed description of the unit of work, which in turn is supported by a wide range of recommended resources, worksheets, assessment items and rubrics to assist students with assessment for learning.

We deliver our curriculum in 4 X 75 minute lessons per day. Students have a clear understanding of the work to be completed and its purpose, as all teachers state the Learning Objectives and Learning Activities at the start of each lesson.

At Years 7 to 10 we offer an enhancement class to enrich the education of our most capable students. Whilst teachers aim to challenge all our students to think more critically about their studies, it is the primary purpose of the enhancement classes to develop deeper levels of thinking. Students in the Year 10 enhancement class study a Unit 1and 2 V.C.E. subject as part of their Year 10 Course. Our Year 10 students also have the opportunity to access a VET programs in Music, Hospitality, Information Technology, Fitness, Furnishings at the College and are also given the opportunity to access a range of other VET subjects through our partnerships with local providers.  For more information on CEAP click here.


Senior Level

At the senior level we offer three certificates - the Victorian Certificate of Education (V.C.E.), the traditional Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (V.C.A.L) and a contemporary version of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (V.C.A.L), which allows students to access V.C.E. subjects as part of their V.C.A.L. programme.

Emphasis has been placed within the College on students achieving academic excellence through a comprehensive Years 7–10 curriculum that covers the Arts, English, Languages other than English (Italian and Indonesian), Mathematics, Human Development, Science, Social Education and Technology. Programs are developed in sequential fashion from Years 7 to 10 with the opportunity for elective subjects at Year 9 and 10. From Year 10, students may also select from a range of VET courses which provide pathways to careers and further training. The VCE at the College is structured so students can achieve excellent results in a variety of courses. They can study subjects which provide for entry into university and those which provide the student with excellent opportunities to learn skills in a variety of areas. Subjects such as Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Human Development, Legal Studies, Materials Technology, Mathematics, Physical Education and Physics demonstrate the breadth of the College’s curriculum. Many of our graduates now attend tertiary institutes throughout Victoria.


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