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The school will be holding student and parent forums as well as information sessions, to ensure that this program is implemented in a way that best suits our community. In order to get the conversation started I have included information and fact sheets that will be the focus of our discussions. Communication to all members of our community will be through our website, newsletter and parent letters.

A series of fact sheets are available below:

Doctors in Schools Policy

Doctors in Schools Student Fact Sheet

Doctors in Schools Secondary Fact Sheet

 What is Doctors in Schools?

The $43.8 million Doctors in Secondary Schools initiative is delivering on the election commitment to fund general practitioners (GPs) to attend up to 100 Victorian government secondary schools up to one day a week to provide medical advice and health care to those students most in need.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • make primary health care more accessible to students
  • provide assistance to young people to identify and address any health problems early
  • aim to reduce the pressure on working parents and community-based GPs.

 The program will make a valuable contribution to achieving the Education State targets of 'happy, healthy and resilient kids' by improving ease of access to health services for young people.

How will the Program work?

Select Victorian Government secondary schools will work together with local general practices to enable primary health care services to be delivered on school premises. It is anticipated that the program will enable a GP to attend the school for up to one day a week to assist students to identify and address any health problems early.

All secondary school students who are enrolled in the participating Victorian Government secondary school will be able to access the GP, subject to providing the requisite consent for the services.

The participating Victorian Government Secondary Schools, students and their parents/guardians/carers will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses for consultations with the GP on the school premises.

Funding for this initiative will also deliver modern, fit-for-purpose examination rooms on school grounds where they are required.

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