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All staff who work at the College require VIT registration or a current Working with Children Check.

Victorian Institute of Teaching http://www.vit.vic.edu.au/ .

Working with Children Check - Now Required and Law

Applies to all teaching, support and allied staff except registered Victorian Institute of Education Teachers

From the Department of Justice web page: The Victorian Government has introduced a new checking system which will affect some people who work or volunteer with children. The Working with Children (WWC) Check helps to protect children from sexual or physical harm by checking a person's criminal history for serious sexual, violence or drug offences and findings from professional disciplinary bodies. The introduction of the WWC Check creates a mandatory minimum checking standard across Victoria.

Who it involves
If you are an existing employee, new employee, volunteer or self-employed person who undertakes child-related work you may need a WWC Check. If your work usually involves (or is likely to involve) regular, direct contact with a child where that contact is not directly supervised, you will need to apply for a WWC Check. You must pass a WWC Check to be eligible to work or volunteer in child-related work (unless an exemption applies).

If you are an employer, agency or volunteer organisation that employs people in child-related work, and that work usually involves (or is likely to involve) regular, direct contact with a child where that contact is not directly supervised, you will need to ensure that any of your employees or volunteers who are required to obtain a Check do so.

When do you apply
WWC Checks are being phased in over the next five years, commencing from April 2006. It is anticipated that approximately 100,000 WWC Checks will be processed each year. The five year phasing plan details when different categories of child related work are required to obtain WWC Checks. It is important for existing employees, new employees, employers, self-employed people, and volunteer organisations and agencies to check the phasing plan to find out when WWC Checks will be required. Find out when you need to apply.

Child safety
The WWC Check is one of a number of government initiatives that promote child safety. The Check aims to place a barrier between children and those who should not be working with children because of their criminal history or findings from a professional disciplinary body.

The WWC Check provides the benefit of ongoing monitoring for offences and findings. When informed of relevant changes to a person's circumstances, the Department of Justice will review the person's continuing suitability to hold a WWC Check.


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