New Enrolments

All new enrolments to Craigieburn Secondary College (excluding Grade 6 into Year 7 transition) are conducted by an Assistant Principal.

A parent interview is required at a mutually arranged appointment time. Student reports and assessment grades are required at the interview to determine the level of entry.

School requirements and information including uniform, books, lockers, code of conduct, parent and student supports and courses of study are discussed with parents and students before enrolment forms are signed. Interviews do not take place without a parent in attendance. To make an enrolment enquiry please fill out the Enrolment Enquiry Form.

Netbook Program

The one to one Netbook program at Craigieburn Secondary College creates expanded learning opportunities that are more active and student centered. It provides a wealth of rich educational resources and tools, that when used effectively, will deliver very positive teaching and learning outcomes. Each student is given a portable, networked Netbook that will link them to their teachers, learning communities, multimedia software and with online tools and resources. A small parent contribution is required as part of the enrolment for ongoing maintenance and administration of the student allocated Netbook.

Please visit the Netbook Program page for more information 

State Schools' Relief

This help is provided by not-for-profit organisation State Schools’ Relief (SSR), which helps students through fundraising. For more information, see: Help for families facing hardship

Parents or carers with children in Victorian government schools may receive free or discounted:

  • new school uniforms
  • new school shoes
  • new textbooks

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) gives payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions.

The fund is available to families and carers:

  • holding means-tested concession cards
  • on bridging or temporary protection visas
  • in community detention
  • with students in out of home care
  • with students in statutory care.

For more information, contact the school or see: Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund


Craigieburn Secondary College is committed to recognising and rewarding student excellence in all fields of endeavour. The College offers Academic and General Excellence scholarships to students commencing Year 7. These scholarships provide many opportunities for students to pursue excellence in their chosen fields. If the successful scholars maintain their excellent grades the scholarship is automatically awarded for the second year.

Please visit the Scholarships page for more information 

Locker Responsibility Agreement

Craigieburn Secondary College provides lockers to assist students with a safe storage area and alleviate the need to carry heavy bags. They provide security for books and materials during the day.

Students have access to their lockers during the breaks throughout the school day. There should be no access to the lockers during class time.

Below is a list of responsibilities for all Years 7 - 12 students:

  • Lockers remain College property and hence the College Administration has the right to search them if necessary
  • Lockers may only store school related materials
  • Students must keep lockers locked when not in use
  • Lockers must not be written on, decorated or have pictures stuck on them either inside or outside
  • Defacing a locker will incur a fee or a replacement charge (this could cost up to $200).
  • Students will be responsible for any damage to a locker and therefore due care must be taken
  • Students must exhibit care and consideration when accessing lockers at all times
  • Lockers must not be shared
  • Students must clean and empty their locker at the end of the year or upon leaving the school

Combination locks may be purchased from the college at a cost of $15.00.  

Craigieburn Secondary College does not take responsibility for theft, loss or damage of personal items contained in lockers and advises that mobile phones and personal items should not be brought to school.

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