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Leading Teacher: Lucy Blackburne

Year 7 and Year 8 Integrated Curriculum, Personal Learning Time program, School Connectedness

Program Manager - Elisa Colaluca
Year 7 and Year 8 Student Management, Positive Relationships, Celebrating Success

Student Coordinators
Year 7: Peter McMahon & Rebekah Pelechaty
Year 8: Matthew Milburn, Rachele Giarrusso & Tom Hopwood

Learning Partner - Kylie Saccone

Transition Coordinator - Lucy Blackburne

Executive Officer - Andrea Brislin

2018 Form Teachers

7A: Mr Stephen Coleman

8A: Ms Megan Campbell

7B: Ms Kiara Talbot

8B: Mr Michael Cummins

7C: Mr James Woodward

8C: Ms Touka Shoukor

7D: Mr Joseph Lim

8D: Ms Sumiran Jyot

7E: Mr Cameron Archibald

8E: Ms Jessica Wilson

7F: Mr David Owen

8F: Ms Harpeet Sethi

7G: Ms Tanika Ahluwalia

 8G: Ms Rana Bakdache

7H: Ms Maria Korkoneas

 8H: Ms Kylie Saccone

7I: Ms Mary Miller

 8I: Ms Rose Thomson

7J: Mr Christian Inturrisi

Who should you talk to:

If you are calling about:

Who to talk to:

Notification of absences

The Form Teacher or the Executive Officer


The Executive Officer, the Coordinator or the Program Manager

Going on holidays and wish to arrange work for your child to take away

The Form Teacher

Work completion sessions

The subject teacher listed on the work completion form


The front office

The possibility of arranging meetings with your child's teacher

The Form Teacher

Work sessions for demerits

The Coordinator or the Program Manager

Transition information or activities

The Leading Teacher or the Transition Coordinator

If your child has been involved in bullying or a serious incident

The Coordinator or the Program Manager

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