Year 7 Scholarship

Craigieburn Secondary College Scholarships are available to responsible young people prepared to strive for their personal best at secondary level and who will become a credit to their families, community and the College.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an interview, involving the applicant and a parent/guardian, held at the College together with additional information provided by the students' current primary school.  Students are not required to sit for an entry exam.

Craigieburn Secondary College will offer:

Academic Excellence Scholarships
Academic scholarships are available to students with an exemplary academic record who have demonstrated outstanding application, aptitude and achievement in Mathematics and English, together with a strong performance in general studies.

Leadership and Community Contributions Scholarships
These scholarships are available to students with a solid academic record who have demonstrated either leadership skills or have made a significant demonstrable contribution to their community

Art Scholarship
Arts scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated ability and a strong interest in music, fine arts or multi-media, together with a sound performance in general studies.

Sport Scholarship (Male and Female)
These are available to students who have demonstrated high sporting aptitude and endeavour.  Personal qualities for fair play and leadership are important, together with sound academic abilities and a strong work ethic.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate a commitment to the Craigieburn Secondary College values of Respect, Responsibility, and Achievement in our learning Community

Closing Date:
Applications for 2018 will close on NOW Closed

Parents and Guardians should complete the preliminary application overleaf and post directly to the Scholarship Registrar at the Address below:

The Scholarship Registrar
Craigieburn Secondary College
102 Hothlyn Drive,
Craigieburn Victoria 3064

Further information and an interview time will be forwarded following receipt of this preliminary application.

Download the Scholarship Application Here


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