Student Support

Students With Special Needs

Supporting Students with Disabilities and Special Needs

The primary goal of the integration department is to form a positive partnership with students, parents and carers to enable students with special learning needs to access our school curriculum and programs. Students are cared for emotionally, physically and socially to help them feel included and connected to our school community. Our program aims to promote the student's independence, resilience and self-esteem.


Individual Learning Plan and Classroom Aides

Teachers assist students to develop and progress at their own level and modify the curriculum to suit individual needs. Integration Aides support students learning in the classroom by developing a positive working relationship with the student.


Transition Programs for Integration Students

PSD Students (Program for Students with Disabilities) in Year 6 are introduced to our campus through our specialized transition program in addition to the regular orientation days.  This transition program is based on the individual needs of each student who will work with our Integration Aides in a friendly and welcoming setting.  We aim to nurture the students through this transition period by increasing their familiarity with the College and staff and as a result reduce any anxiety they may have about starting secondary school. 

Our aim is to:

  • Acknowledge and respond to the importance of students with special needs, providing them with equal access to the educational opportunities available at the school.
  • Encourage interaction and socialisation with peers.
  • Offer students the fullest opportunity to participate in regular class activities. This may at times involve some program modification. Student reporting reflects this modification and aims to acknowledge student progress.

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